Take Five Massage

Q. What should I wear to a massage? Something comfortable.

Q. Should I bathe before I come? That is not necessary, however should be in a general state of cleanliness.

Q. Do I need to shave before I come? No

Q. What is my comfort level and how much clothing should I remove? That is entirely up to you. You will be completely draped except for the area you are being worked on at the time.

Q. Why is it important to drink water before and after a massage? Massage is a passive form of exercise.  It is always important to stay hydrated to help prevent muscle soreness.

Q. I feel better than when I came in, but why do I still feel knots? There are times when one session just isn't enough. You may need several sessions to get all the "knots" out. Speak with your therapist about your specific issues.

Q. Do I pay before or after the massage? Either way is fine.

Q. Is tipping customary? We all hate being asked this question but yes it is. The average tip is 15-20%

Q. Should I remove my jewelry for the massage? Yes, if it will be in the way. 

Q. Can I ask for more or less pressure? YES! It is important at Take Five that you feel comfortable. Keep in mind that there may be times your therapist may have to use a little more pressure but communication with your therapist is key.

Q. If I have an itch, can I scratch it? YES

Q. Can I end the massage early? YES

Q. Do I have to turn my cell phone off during the massage? We ask that you turn it to vibrate out of respect for the clients in session. If you are expecting an important call, feel free to leave it on. 

Q.Can I change my mind about what type (Swedish, Deep Tissue, Pregnancy) of massage I want, or where I'd like my therapist to concentrate on, once the session has already started? Yes. Communication with your Therapist is Key.